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IREM announces 2017 council members

Congratulations to one of our portfolio managers,  Tracey Achille, for being sworn in as an executive council member of the IREM Boston Chapter. The celebration dinner was held on December 8th, 2016 at The Conference Exchange Center in Boston. Nancy Reno, VP of…

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2016 Regional Maintenance Training

From October to December 2o16, HMR properties had conducted four maintenance trainings in NY, NH, MD, NC to grow and improve as a team. They worked hard to implement a resident services initiative through networking nights and meeting to bring…

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Enid Berrios, CPM of the Year

On November 10th, 2016 HMR Corporate attended the 2016 IREM Presidential Gala Awards night. Attendees included Nancy Reno, Allie Daniel, Alayna Hanlon, Enid Berrios, Tracey Achille, Maxine Ramos, Sandy Morales, Trish Leonard and Rich Pierce. The amazing night was to…

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HMR Corporate Celebrates Two Birthdays!

Morgan Lentz, HR assistant, and Nancy Jones, A/P Specialist,  both celebrated their birthday this week at HMR corporate. The celebration was coordinated by Amanda Perkins, administrative assistant, who provided the two with an ice cream brownie sundae bar. All employees were in…

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