About Housing Management Resources

Housing Management Resources, Incorporated in 2001 is a dynamic, full-service property management company whose approach is ‘hands on’ professionalism. Our philosophy is to set expectations high for each team member, and then to provide the training and support to foster success. We pledge to do this in accordance with our core values of Integrity, Respect, Enthusiasm, Accountability, Commitment, and Harmony. HMR manages over 8000 apartment homes spanning eleven states. The organization located in Quincy, Massachusetts was established to manage properties developed by The Silver Street Group in Portland Maine. HMR began overseeing 9 properties in New England, in 2001. The Silver Street Group acquired 17 additional properties and HMR expanded to New York, in 2004. With the acquisition of 25 more properties in the southern states in 2008 HMR responded to the increased requirements and diverse needs of mixed financed properties in multiple states by creating strong systems and training programs to ensure the properties were preserved, enhanced and performed as intended.

Our established policies and systems insure consistency while allowing us to remain flexible to address each property’s specific needs. Creating community and enhancing value through attentive management is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Transparency, between sites, corporate staff and owners, is achieved through sophisticated web-based software and accounting programs, regularly scheduled communication, and strict adherence to mandatory accounting practices. HMR Leadership consists of a cohesive, experienced team who understands how to approach the complexities of affordable housing. Our expertise encompasses Low Income Housing Tax Credits and the full range of HUD programs, with a special emphasis on the layering of funding programs.

HMR is fully committed to compliance with local, state and federal Fair Housing Laws. In the provision of housing and other services, HMR does not discriminate or exhibit any preference or limitation based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital or other family status, presence or absence of children, age, lawful source of income, familial status, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation. Further, HMR is aggressive in informing applicants and residents of their rights to Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications and of the process by which these requests are considered. HMR has implemented a comprehensive and on-going staff training program to ensure strict adherence to fair housing.

HMR Facilities Management department is led by a maintenance director and a team of regional maintenance managers that are knowledgeable in property management systems, construction, and regulation. This experienced team is able to evaluate, create and execute innovative and effective capital plans. HMR works to preserve and enhance existing affordable housing, overseeing the transition and transformation of several developments from their previous state as deteriorated properties to vital, communities with actively engaged residents.

HMR has extensive experience with mixed finance properties and is responsible for the successful rent up timely delivery of credits to investors. Ongoing reviewing and reporting to investors, owners and agencies on property and portfolio performance is the key to our successful management relationships.