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Charlotte Harbortown 2017 Neighborhood Outreach Night

The City of Rochester held an event in the Charlotte Harbortown back parking lot on July 11th for the 2017 Charlotte Neighborhood Outreach Night presented by the City of Rochester.

They choose Charlotte Harbortown because in recent years they have had a low attendance from community residents.

Dawn Miner, the property’s resident services coordinator, gave them a promise that the residents would come out for the event and they proved me correct! It was a great success and the vendors/city reps were very pleased!  They ran out of hotdogs twice!

Charlotte Harbortown is really looking forward to hosting next year and make the event even BIGGER!

View below, pictures of the event!


In attendance;  Rochester Police officers, including local mounted patrol and the ID a kid truck, Rochester Fireman including the Smoke House for kids to learn about fire safety,

Joe Robach, Charlotte area Senate Rep, Two City Counsel representatives including Molly Cliffard, Charlotte Town Association, Breast Cancer Coalition, Catholic Family Services, ROC Animal Services, Rochester Works, Alfred University, Rochester Rehab, Manpower Staffing, United Healthcare, Pathways To Peace,  Charlotte Colonials (our new area football team), ROC Mobile Rec Center with games for the kids.


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